When you become a supporter, volunteer or sponsor of D&D you become a partner with a charity event that not only uses proceeds to donate to charity, you help foster better relationships with fathers and father figures and their dependents.

Your business Logo will be featured on our website. Also, at the event with over 200 attendees your logo will be featured on our Sponsor Banner and our yearly event shirts.

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We want to thank our VERY GENEROUS Sponsors for their donations. We couldn’t help local charities and put on our event without you all! Thank you so much for being a Sponsor of The Dads & Dependents Charity Event!

Over the years, we have had the privilege of donating our proceeds to various charities. While the event is for the kids and a great time, each year your sponsorship goes towards making a difference.

Your continued support not only makes our event possible but also helps to bring joy and resources to those in need. Every contribution you make helps to create lasting memories and provides crucial aid to our partnered organizations. We are incredibly grateful for your unwavering generosity and commitment. It is through your sponsorship that we can continue to bring about positive change in our community. Thank you for standing by us and for being an essential part of The Dads & Dependents Charity Event!

Children's Hospital Check from Dads & Dependents

With Dads & Dependents 2023, we were able to raise $35,000 in sponsorship to the Charity Mission 22 which provides support to Veterans and their families when they need it most. The charity achieves this by using a comprehensive approach of outreach, events, and programs, we’re promoting long-term wellness and sustainable growth. D&D was proud to help veterans and their families. Find out more about Mission 22, D&D’s 2023 charity recipient.

Find out how you can be a Dads & Dependents Sponsor for our 2024 Event. Donations are tax-deductible for you or your business. We display your business on our giant event banner the day of event and on our Dads & Dependents t-shirts each year. Get in touch with us today!

thanks to our D&D crew members

These People Are The Reason We can Hold This Event Year After Year!

monster truck

“Hey, my buddy Cory Snyder has a monster truck”- Kathy Coffman

drift cars

“Hey my friends Douglas Lanciano Dan Savage have a drift car.”-Peter James

fire breather

Adam Kline came out of retirement to perform his fire breathing/eating show…. So cool.

Drone footage

Brian King who is the designated drone pilot since 10.0 and agreed to take aerial footage of the event.

event swag

Bj Vaughan donates the event cups and Keith Chinchar donates the swag tags.

Additional Thanks to All of The Dads & Dependents Sponsors over the years

Additional Coporate Sponsors:

Barbie Jeep Races

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