Toxic monster truck at Dads & Dependents

Roaring Engines and Thunderous Applause – Toxic the Monster Truck Takes Center Stage

When it comes to jaw-dropping performances and adrenaline-pumping stunts, Toxic the monster truck has left a trail of awe and excitement in its wake. This monstrous machine, owned by Jay Snyder and driven by his son Cory Snyder, has been a star attraction at Dads & Dependents events in previous years, capturing the hearts of fans with its mind-blowing car-crushing prowess. Let’s delve into the incredible journey of Toxic, a true Dad & Dependent duo, as they’ve continued to dominate the monster truck scene with their passion and dedication.

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A Perfect Match at Warped Motor Sports: Finding a New Home

In 2018, Toxic found its perfect home at Warped Motor Sports LLC, a formidable father-son monster truck team hailing from Bethesda, MD. Owned by Jay Snyder, the driving force behind Warped Motor Sports, and skillfully driven by his son Cory Snyder, Toxic became the fourth addition to their illustrious lineup of monster trucks, which includes The Undertaker, Screamin’ Demon, and Illuminator. The arrival of Toxic marked a new chapter in their monster trucking journey, boasting cutting-edge technology and a sleek design that left spectators in awe.

Toxic 2.0 – Revolutionizing the Monster Truck Scene

Early in 2020, Jay and Cory Snyder joined forces with Rick and Ryan Disharoon of The Metal Shop in Delmar, DE, sparking the birth of the Toxic Monster Truck 2.0. A groundbreaking collaboration led to the creation of a truly modern and impressive machine, incorporating the knowledge and experience the Disharoons had gained throughout their lifetime of monster trucking. From the reinforced chassis design to a bigger motor and advanced electronics, the new truck became a heavy-duty and extremely badass addition to the monster truck world.


The Passionate Duo: Jay and Cory Snyder

Jay Snyder, the driving force behind Warped Motor Sports, has been a key figure in the world of monster trucking. His relentless dedication, engineering expertise, and business acumen have contributed to the team’s success. As a proud father, Jay has nurtured his son Cory’s passion for monster trucks, allowing him to take the wheel and lead the charge in thrilling performances. Cory Snyder, the son of Jay Snyder, has emerged as a rising star in the world of monster truck racing. With determination and skill, Cory fearlessly commands Toxic, pushing the limits with every heart-pounding stunt. His unwavering passion and exceptional driving skills have earned him admiration from fans and fellow competitors alike. Jay Synder owns both Toxic and Illuminator