Batman Batmobile at Dads & Dependents Charity Event

Bill Gibson’s Legendary Batmobile Makes a Memorable Visit to Dads & Dependents Charity Event

At the highly anticipated Dads & Dependents charity event, attendees were treated to an extraordinary surprise when the iconic Batmobile, created by Bill Gibson, made its grand appearance. Bill, also known as “Burtonsville Batman,” showcased his remarkable craftsmanship by transforming his 1978 Lincoln into a stunning replica of the Batmobile from the beloved 60s Batman TV show. This incredible moment provided an unforgettable opportunity for fathers or father figures and their kids to bond over their shared admiration for the Dark Knight.

Bill Gibson and his Remarkable Batmobile

Bill Gibson’s passion for Batman and his extraordinary talent led him on an ambitious journey to convert his 1978 Lincoln into the legendary Batmobile. With unparalleled dedication and meticulous attention to detail, Bill single-handedly transformed the vehicle into an awe-inspiring replica, capturing the essence of the iconic Batmobile from the classic TV series. His craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to authenticity are truly commendable, bringing a piece of Batman’s world to life.

Spreading Joy to Children

Beyond the Dads & Dependents event, Bill and his Batmobile have become local legends, spreading joy to children throughout the community. Since Halloween of 2016, the Burtonsville Batman has been spotted cruising the streets, participating in parades like the Burtonsville Day Parade, and making special visits to places like the Children’s Inn at NIH and the Carl Sandburg Learning Center. Bill’s mission as Burtonsville Batman is to brighten the lives of children in the area and create magical moments that will be cherished forever.


Father Daughter batmobile

A Memorable Experience at Dads & Dependents

The presence of The Batmobile at the Dads & Dependents charity event created an enchanting experience for all attendees and highlighted the power of sponsorship. Bill’s remarkable craftsmanship and dedication to bringing the Batmobile to life, along with his commitment to spreading joy among children in the community, showcase the importance of sponsor support. By becoming a sponsor for Dads & Dependents, you can play a significant role in creating these magical moments for fathers or father figures and their kids.

Become A Sponsor

Sponsorship not only allows events like Dads & Dependents to thrive but also provides an opportunity for your business or organization to make a meaningful impact. Your support can contribute to the success of the event, ensuring that more families can participate, and creating a lasting positive impression on the community.

Join forces with Dads & Dependents as a sponsor and become part of the journey to bring joy, bonding, and unforgettable experiences to families. Together, we can make a difference and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.