drift car racers at dads & dependents

Drift Car Demonstrations In The Driveway: A Thrilling Showcase

At the Dads & Dependents event, attendees were treated to an exhilarating display of skill and horsepower as drift car enthusiasts Doug Lanciano and Dan Savage took center stage at Craig King’s driveway. Their adrenaline-pumping drift car demonstrations captivated the audience, leaving them on the edge of their seats and craving more.


Meet the Masterminds Behind the Thrill: Doug Lanciano and Dan Savage

Doug Lanciano: The Drift Enthusiast

Hailing from Glenwood, Maryland, Doug Lanciano’s journey into the world of drifting started with a passion for motorsports and a desire to push automotive boundaries. As a young boy growing up in a car family, Doug’s fascination with drifting blossomed when he discovered Japanese drift videos. His first 240SX S13 marked the beginning of an exhilarating adventure into the world of drifting.

Dan Savage: The Maverick of Drift

Equally instrumental in the drift car demonstrations, Dan Savage is a force to be reckoned with on the drifting scene. Also hailing from Glenwood, Maryland, Dan shares Doug’s burning passion for cars and motorsports. Together, they form the dynamic duo responsible for showcasing the thrilling art of drifting to audiences far and wide.

Unleashing the Drifting Thunder at Craig King’s Driveway

With precision and finesse, Doug and Dan orchestrated a mesmerizing drift spectacle at Craig King’s driveway. A circular driveway barricaded to ensure the safety of the young spectators served as the canvas for their high-octane performance. The crowd was held in awe as the two drift cars deftly maneuvered around obstacles, leaving tire marks and a sense of wonder in their wake.
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A Special Guest Appearance: The Chasing Police Officer

Adding an extra layer of excitement to the event, a skilled police officer joined the fray, participating in the drift car demonstrations as a chasing car. This unique twist brought an element of authenticity and entertainment to the show, as the officer’s expertise added an exhilarating element of “chase and capture” to the drifting experience.

Passion and Skill: The Background of Doug and Dan

Both Doug Lanciano and Dan Savage are no strangers to the world of drifting. Their journey started with formal education in automotive programs, honing their technical skills and deepening their understanding of the mechanics behind these powerful machines. Doug’s pursuit of perfection led him to the prestigious Porsche Technical program after excelling at Universal Technical Institute’s (UTI) Automotive Program. Dan’s natural flair for drifting and his dedication to mastering the art brought him on par with the best in the field.

Beyond the Drift Car Demonstrations: A Commitment to the Craft

The drift car demonstrations at Craig King’s driveway are just a glimpse of Doug Lanciano and Dan Savage’s passion for drifting. Both are deeply committed to the craft, continuously fine-tuning their skills and pushing the limits of their drift cars. Their dedication and enthusiasm extend beyond events like Dads & Dependents, as they actively participate in local drift events and aim to elevate their expertise to the Pro2 level.